Simply the best a decent free webapp for taking meeting minutes

● Prepare Agenda ● Document Minutes ● Track Topics ●

Every invited & logged in user can watch changes to the current meeting minutes in real time.

We made 4Minitz free & open-source software (MIT License), as we strongly believe that sensitive information like meeting minutes should not be hosted in the cloud. Instead you want to host it on your own infrastructure where you can define the level of security and safety you need.

 Prepare Agenda
  • Create your meeting series
  • Invite other users
  • Specify moderators and uploaders
  • Fill agenda with topics
  • Mark recurring topics for standard agenda
  • Send agenda to invited users
 Document Minutes
  • Mark present participants
  • Add action items with responsibles
  • Add information items to topics
  • Add labels like "Decision" to items
  • Upload binary file attachments
  • Send minutes & action items via EMail
 Track Topics
  • Open action items will show up next time
  • Non-closed topics will show up next time
  • Search list of all ever discussed topics
  • Enrich topics with info items on follow-ups
  • Find topics with labels (e.g. all Decisions)
  • Find items by fulltext search

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Demo Video: Learn 4Minitz in 4 Minutes

4Minitz Screen Shot

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User Features

  • Realtime updates for remote participants
  • Secure role concept for invited people
    • Moderator: May edit and delete stuff
    • Uploader: May only view stuff, but may also upload files
    • Invited: Only view stuff
    • Informed: No web access, but will receive minutes via mail
    • Additional: One-time participant, will only receive minutes mail
  • Business approved workflow
    • Prepare and send agenda
    • Mark present people (one click)
    • Document information and action items
    • Stick customized label categories
    • Finalize meeting and send protocol
    • Open follow-up meeting
    • Track all open topics and action items
  • Clear hierarchical structure: Topics > Information / Action Items > Details
  • Drag'n'Drop to re-order topics and items
  • Quick entry mode for new topics
  • Recurring topics (for standard agenda)
  • Skip topic once (for special agenda)
  • Version number for re-finalized meetings
  • Older meeting minutes cannot be changed
  • Admin Mode: Register & block users, broadcast messages
  • Admin cannot see meeting contents (except: via database dump)
  • Label Editor: per meeting series labels & colors
  • Markdown Editor for details (Easy entry of bold, italic, bullet lists, ...)
  • Upload file attachments (e.g., Powerpoints) to meeting minutes
  • Download finalized meeting protocols for personal backup
  • Search all-time topic history
  • My Action Items: Shows my AI across multiple meeting series

Technical Features

  • Free & open source software: host your own!
  • Very open MIT License
  • Built with Meteor JS
  • Only two external dependencies: Node.js and MongoDB
  • Browser compatibility: current Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
    • IE11: seems to work - but not guaranteed ;-)
  • Docker deployment for quick testing and production use
  • Responsive UI - works on desktops, tablets and smart phones
  • LDAP / ActiveDirectory support (user import and authentication)
  • SMTP for sending agenda, meeting minutes and action items
  • Many admin configuration options. E.g.:
    • Binary upload: switch on/off, specify server path, ...
    • User self registering: switch on/off
    • Enforce EMail verification: switch on/off
    • Regular LDAP imports (without password!)
    • Download generated protocols: switch on/off
  • Over 300 End2End and over 300 Unit tests ensure quality
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Coded with ❤️  by the 4Minitz Team

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